Anonymous: I have to make a new tumblr then I'll come off anon :) 

Okay haha :)

Anonymous: My dad has been a body piercer for several years and I guess I get my interest in tattoos and piercings from him. I'm actually going to be an apprentice under his mentors daughter. 

Okay, that’s cool :) Make sure you use implant grade jewelry :p

Anonymous: Sorry for blowing up your tumblr but we have a lot in common and I'm bored lol. 

It’s okay :) Come off anon?

Anonymous: Are there any piercing courses that you would recommend ? 

Piercing Urge Training Centre is a pre-apprenticeship type course, but unless you’re ready to dedicate years of your life to piercing don’t even bother trying to get into the industry

Anonymous: Does it bother you when people do their own piercings? 

If they have no training whatsoever then yes it will most likely irritate me, especially if they complain to me that something is wrong with it, BUT, I do some of my own piercings, mainly just dermals for practice, I have done training courses and spent hundreds or thousands of hours researching piercings though and I wouldn’t attempt anything I’m incapable of doing

Anonymous: Do you prefer to date girls who have piercings or girls who do not ? 

It doesn’t really bother me, but if they have a fuck load of piercings with shit quality jewelry or complain about “infections” all the time it really pisses me off